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T50 (Korea's first domestic supersonic aircraft)

Korea's first supersonic advanced trainer for fostering fighter pilots, T50, has been operated by the ROK in practice, and successfully settled down as the 6th supersonic aircraft exporter through the exporting to Indonesia in 2011.

KF-21(Next-Generation Fighter)

KF-21 (Korean multipurpose fighter)

KF-21, Korean Fighter eXperimental, to be developed with our creative technical capabilities is the future of the ROK. We will make it the KF-21 development, mobilizing the only development capabilities in the country accumulated for the last 30 years and all the skills Korean subcontractors have.

KUH (Korean Utility Helicopter)

KUH (Korea's first mobile helicopter KUH-Surion)

KUH-Surion is Korea's first mobile helicopter for troop transports, which made Korea the 11th helicopter-developing country. Based on this, further helicopter project for an amphibious task, medical evacuation, and government use, would be the solid foundation of the domestic helicopter industry.

LAH (Light Attack Helicopter)

LAH (Korean-style small armed helicopter)

As a comprehensive development project to exchange aging military attack helicopters and enter the future civil helicopter market, it will develop the civil/military helicopter as the one platform to maximize the commonness of parts, and reduce the development, mass production and operational maintenance costs so that based on the domestic helicopter industry, it would be the cornerstone towards the global market.

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